Videos property

The FuteVideos site does not host any video. Only organized and we provided the videos for easy search of our visitors. Videos are hosted and publicly available on video hosting sites (third party property) such as: YouTube, Videa, Toad, Rutube, Dailymotion, etc.


Third-party advertisements

The website FuteVideos contains third-party advertisements. These ads may be managed directly by us or the ad space may be rented to a third-party. But in no case will personal data be gathered, other than information about visualizations to allow a statistical analysis of the impact of the advertisements. For more information on advertisements, click here.


Use of cookies

The website FuteVideos uses cookies to improve the experience of our visitors and to statistically analyse the impact of advertisements. Cookies are small files stored on your web browser that only contain information about personal preferences and never any personal data. For more information on how to manage cookies, click here.